Session Prep Information

*If your session will be held in my studio, I will provide you with the address and directions via email.

Please scroll thru the information below to the appropriate sections for your session type and read all information. There are several great tips on preparing for your portrait, that will assist in creating a smooth session. If you have any questions on the information below, please do not hesitate to contact me anytime to discuss. It is always helpful if you could text or email me a few days ahead of your session, with pics of the outfits you’ve prepared for your portraits, as well as any props you might be bringing along. This allows me to gather some ideas before the date. And lastly, if you would like to incorporate a certain theme into the photos, please let me know at least 3-4 weeks ahead of time, as I might have ideas to add or props to bring with me that can aid in your vision for the portraits! In addition, if we both need some time to coordinate gathering or creating some props, that’ll give us plenty of time to work together on it!  I’m super excited to photograph for you soon!

* Please note we are an animal friendly home office/studio

#1 – General Session Prep (Maternity, Family, Child, etc.)
#2 – Newborn Session Prep
#3 – What to Wear Overview
#4 – Sample Pictures & Color Variations (Variety of Locations and Coordinating Colors)


GENERAL SESSION PREP (Maternity, Family, Kids, etc.)

This section is for all session types except Newborn…Please continue to next section for Newborn Session Prep.

Depending on the session you have scheduled, you will have anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes of session time. I do schedule sessions back to back, so I kindly ask that you arrive on time, in order to maximize your photography time. Due to my back to back scheduling with studio sessions, I also kindly ask that you not arrive earlier than 5 minutes prior to your studio session time, as I may be finishing up with a previous appt. Should your session require additional time and my schedule permits, there is a $50 fee per 30 minutes additional needed. Sessions are inclusive of 6 people. Each additional person is $10. Just a reminder; should a conflict arise with your scheduled session, I will gladly reschedule you and transfer your non-refundable deposit, to a rescheduled date within 30 days of original session date, otherwise the deposit is forfeited, should your session be cancelled or not rescheduled in that timeframe. Deposits will be forfeited if I am not notified at least 48 hours prior to the original scheduled session date/time.

• If you have little ones coming to the session, please remember to bring them a snack and drink to keep their tummies full so they are happy for the camera! Please also bring a favorite toy, so we may use it to gather their attention, if needed.

• It is best that babies, toddlers and younger children have a nap and full meal prior to the session. They are much happier campers when they are well rested and have full tummies!

• Clothing: See additional pages in this document for details and sample images on what to wear!

• It is very helpful if you can text or email me pics of clothing your family will be wearing, as well as props you might want to include, so I can gather some ideas to plan for your session! Also, take a look thru my blog posts and if you see certain poses or photos that particularly catch your eye and you’d like to recreate a similar version, let me know. I LOVE working with themes and prop setups for babies and toddlers, so if you see a theme you like in a blog post, please provide me your feedback and between the two of us, we can coordinate a super fun and unique session together! Most of the props and boutique clothing you will see in my sessions are part of my collection! If you have further questions on the above information, please feel free to contact me!



The following information are several things I’ve learned in my years of photographing newborns, that assist with creating a successful and smooth session.

• If nursing, avoid eating anything spicy or anything that can cause stomach discomfort/gas (i.e. pizza, mexican food, hot sauce, brussel sprouts, broccoli, dairy, etc.) within 24 hours preceding your scheduled session. Stick with items a little more on the bland side, it will make a huge difference in the babies tempermant. Baby will be difficult to soothe if his/her tummy is not feeling right.

• Interact with and try to keep your baby awake as much as possible prior to your session, to ensure he/she is good and sleepy while in the studio. It is important to keep him/her awake for 1-2 hours before the shoot. Without this, we will possibly spend more time soothing baby rather than photographing baby. Giving baby a bath or keeping them unclothed for a while, are a couple tricks to keeping them awake!

• Please be sure to arrange baby’s feeding time to right before you leave for our studio. This will allow for baby to sleep as much as possible during his/her session. If baby is formula fed, please bring 3-4 extra formula and bottles. Sometimes baby surprises us with a growth spirt and is very hungry during their session, so we want to be prepared!

• Dress baby in loose fitting clothes to avoid any lines on skin – a simple button up sleeper is best. If possible, nothing that has to be pulled off over the head.

• Bring a pacifier if he/she takes one and bring extra diapers/wipes.

• We keep our studio as warm as possible for newborn sessions (approx 80-85 degrees), to keep baby nice and comfortable, while in their birthday suit, so we recommend for whom ever is attending the session, to dress in layers, as it gets toasty! I wear yoga pants and a tshirt for newborn sessions due to the heat and to keep comfortable with all the moving around I do. If you will want to include parent/sibling photos in your session, typically jeans for guys and either jeans or leggings for mom/girls, along with coordinating tops, works great. And if you would like to bring a cozier change of clothes for after photos, please do so. Moms don’t forget to bring a hair tie in case you want to throw your hair up after pics as well!

• During the session, mommy’s & daddy’s, take this time to sit back and relax. I won’t need much assistance, but will let you know when I do =)

• When you arrive, please leave baby in their car seat when bringing him/her into the studio. • Please note that although I only schedule one NEWBORN session in a day, I do often times have other back to back appts/sessions, so I kindly ask that you arrive at the scheduled session time or not more than 5 minutes early, as I may be finishing up with a prior appt still.

• Please allow 2-3 hours for your Newborn Session.

• For family photos, I recommend a solid color shirt for Mom, Dad & Siblings. My top suggested colors to stick with, are neutrals….heather grey, charcoal, brown, beige, black, white or cream. Please be mindful of the way your skin tones look against the color tops you choose. Lighter colors may create a washed out skin tone that you don’t care for. My vision for these family photos is to create a soft, neutral look, however, the darker color tops always look great as well. If you would like to bring a couple options for colors, I’m happy to provide my feedback. Wear long, short or 3/4 sleeved tops and nothing baggy or flowy. Form fitting is best for moms. Baby is typically wrapped for family photos, so we’ll find a coordinating or pop of color amongst the wraps in my collection, for those family and sibling photos. Try to keep solid tops all in the same color tone, so that there isn’t a major distraction of too many colors in the photos. Family and sibling photos will be photographed first thing, upon arrival. When including older siblings, if possible, please bring two cars so that Dad (or other attendee) can take the older sibling(s) back home after we are finished with family/sibling photos OR if you cannot bring two cars, have Dad (or other attendee) take the older sibling(s) out for a bite to eat while we finish up with baby. Seating in my studio is limited, so I like to keep attendance at a max of 2 adult guests, please. When siblings aren’t participating in photos, please try to coordinate someone to take care of them at home, since space is limited and my studio is small. Thank you for your cooperation. If there are any special items you would like photographed with baby, please let me know, so I can plan accordingly. Texting or emailing me pictures of items a few days in advance is always appreciated. I will have the studio prepped and ready with a variety of props and setups upon your arrival, so we can move forward right away!



Here are some helpful tips in preparing what to wear at your upcoming session! Scroll down further to view samples of different color schemes used in a variety of session types, as well as a variety of sceneries.

• Don’t feel like everyone has to wear the same color! (except for with newborn)

• Coordinating colors that are complimentary of each other work great

• Solid colors look best

• Avoid too many patterns

• Be mindful that certain skin tones look washed out in white, cream and pastels

• Rich, bold colors, jewel tones, earth tone/neutrals and pops of color look amazing in photos

• Avoid baggy clothes

• Avoid combining too many dark or too many light colors = no contrast

• Family Studio Portraits – We suggest coordinating neutrals OR neutrals with a pop of color (see newborn portraits below). A creamy colored wall is used for our family/larger group shots in the studio. However, we do have a large selection of colorful backdrops for babies & kids!

• Maternity Portraits – Moms please wear very fitted clothing to show off that beautiful belly and avoid patterned clothing if possible.

• Newborn Portraits – Mom & Dad (& Siblings) please wear neutral tones in the SAME color or as close as possible. Color suggestions are listed in the newborn prep section above. The goal is to highlight baby and if there are too many different colored tops, it can be distracting.




Studio Family Portraits


Beach Portraits


Greenery & Textures


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