{David & Kelsey: Married!} Bay Area Wedding Photographer

David & Kelsey were married in Los Gatos at Legacy Community Church.  I had actually never met this adorable couple in person prior to their Wedding day because they met while in College in Missouri and that is where they were living when they found me!  David is from the South Bay originally and Kelsey is from Tennessee.  What a wonderful story they will tell of  how they couldn’t have been raised farther apart in the U.S. and then college brought them together in the middle, from East and West Coast <3  I love hearing how my brides and grooms met because there are always neat stories involved.

After their wedding they honeymooned here in CA, along the coast, then took the big drive home to Missouri, sightseeing along the way, and then settled back home into their married life!  It was a pleasure to photograph for David, Kelsey and their families and I wish them the best in all the years to come!

Enjoy a few of my faves from the few hours I spent with this sweet couple!

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{Ty & Courtney: Expecting Twins} Sacramento Maternity Photographer

5 years ago I got a call from Courtney’s mom.  I think I’ve told this story in a past blog post about Courtney and Ty, but I’m going to give a little refresher course here =)  Sherry (Courtney’s mom) was inquiring about wedding photography, said she found me on one of the wedding websites.  I was sicker than sick, had lost my voice.  I was trying so hard to talk with her on the phone, but I’m sure she could barely understand me…..thankfully I made it thru the conversation and she still wanted to meet me, LOL!  A week later, I met with Sherry & Courtney…little did I know that moment would be the start of a great friendship with a super sweet family!!!

Engagement Sessions, Weddings, Pregnancies, Babies…I’ve photographed them all for the Moore/Phillips Families, haha!  And more to come in the very near future!  But here we stop and savor a beautiful time in Ty and Courtney’s life, as they prepare for their newest additionS to arrive in just a couple weeks!  And yes, I said “additions”…plural.  We’re talkin’ TWO babies.  As in TWINS.  As in one boy and one girl….in her beautiful belly =)  It was quite the surprise for this little family of three, to find out there were two itty bitty heart beats in there…well, a surprise for Ty & Courtney, but not so much a surprise for Jackson, who just turned 4 years old recently and apparently has the “Look Who’s Talking!” relationship with his baby bro and sis.  Jackson told his mommy, before they even went to their first doctors appt, that she had TWO babies in her tummy and he was very insistent about it!  Courtney’s natural reaction was to say “oh, no honey, mommy only has ONE baby in her tummy”, but who wouldn’t say that, right?  After he continued to insist there were two babies, Courtney told me she started actually tinkering with the idea of “OMG, there can’t be two babies in there…could there be?….nooooo.”  But when they found two heart beats, it became a reality and their family of three was now quickly becoming a family of five!

I will never forget the morning she called me, it was a Sunday.  I already knew she was expecting because she had told me a week prior when she was doing my hair.  And I knew she was going to her first doctors appt the following week.  But when I saw her calling my phone, only a week after we had already chatted, I thought to myself…”hmmm, thats weird, I wonder why Courtney is calling…she can’t be calling to schedule her sessions already, could she? <silence> OMG, it’s twins!”  I swear, that is exactly what I thought.  And the second I answered the phone, I could tell there was a different ring to her voice like she was going to tell me something …

So here we are today.  Doesn’t Courtney look incredibly amazing?  I still can’t believe this gorgeous momma is carrying two babies in there <3

So happy for you guys and so excited to meet these little angels in a couple weeks!!!!  It’s going to be super fun (& a workout, haha) to photograph all these babies milestones and I’m looking forward to every single second of it!

Meantime, here are several of my faves from Courtney, Ty and Jackson’s Maternity Session…Njoy!

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MeganAugust 14, 2014 - 9:19 am

This might be one of my favorite sessions of yours! STUNNING!! Mama is just radiant! Beautiful work my friend!

{Introducing Sweet Lil’ Analia} Sacramento Newborn Photographer

Can’t get over how beautiful this baby girl is and how beautiful her family is….love them!  But more than that, they are some of the sweetest people I’ve met in all my years <3  Their love for family and togetherness is beyond words.  I only wish they were going to stay in the Sacramento Area, but as it is common with military, they will most likely be restationed in the next year =(  Sad for me, but amazing for them, as to whatever opportunities present themselves.

You might recognize them from a recent post I created of their Maternity Pics….which were also gorgeous!  And I remember Ana being so anxious to meet this baby girl and Edward ready to hold her in his arms.  It probably seemed like an eternity before that due date was to arrive, but it came and Analia is here….and now they are complete <3  Njoy!

And being that mom and dad are Marines, they requested a very special photo of baby girl with some Marine items….their covers and an itty bitty Marine sword, which was actually just a letter opener of course.  

This became their very favorite image of sweet Analia <3 

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{Katie & Cooper: My Niece & Nephew} Dublin Photographer

Every other year my sister in law requests my services to photograph my niece and nephew.  She uses these updated portraits for Fathers Day Gifts!  It’s crazy how fast that 2 year period goes by and every time I photograph them they look so. much. older.

My niece, Katie is going into 8th grade and when I started dating my husband in 2002, she was just a year old!  My nephew, Cooper was born in 2004 and it’s crazy to think he was roughly 15 months old when he was the ring bearer in our wedding in 2005 and now he is 10 years old!  And one day…after I blink my eyes once, haha….I’ll be photographing Katie’s Senior Highschool Portraits, (then Coopers) thinking back to all the years of milestones captured, wondering still where these years go.  What seems like just yesterday or last month, was last year or 3 years ago….enjoy your family and document their lives to the fullest.  Although the actual memories we have, are the most important part of what we experience and live, because they can always be taken with us, there are times in our busy lives we do tend to forget some of the little things and pictures are the 2nd best thing to continuing those memories and passing them down in our families!

Here are some of my faves of Katie and Cooper: the 2014 edition!  Njoy!

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{Chase: 1 Year} Sacramento Family Photographer

You’d never guess by seeing these pictures, but Chase was very mobile, crawling all over the place during his session.  He was smiley, yet curious of everything around him, which distracted him from….well, ME!  LOL!  Lets just say Scott & Nikki got their workout in during Chase’s 1 Year Portrait Session =)

But none the less, Chase is a total cutie pie with his soft blonde hair and bright blue eyes *sigh*….. He looked incredibly adorable sporting one of my newest prop items, a newsboy cap and matching bow tie!  The first setup we attempted with Chase was having him hold letters that spelled “ONE”.  This can be challenging at times because they either love the letters and fling them all around, doing silly things with the letters OR they get bored with the letters after about 5 seconds and they literally chuck them 3 feet away, haha!  Chase was the latter of the two options, BUT, in all our hard work and being fast & efficient, between Nikki, Scott and I, we got it done!  I love doing the letters for one year because it’s fun to have a few different facial expressions or poses with each letter and Chase gave us exactly that, so I’m a happy girl =)

Here are some of my faves of this handsome young man, Njoy!

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