{Caitlin: 1 Year} Rocklin Child Photographer

Sweet and spunky Caitlin turned the big ONE recently!  Happy Birthday miss Caitlin!  So this girl has been on the move since a very early age.  She is fearless and fun, very active, very curious, loves to climb and is as cute as can be!  But she has to be all these things because she is a little sister to 4 older brothers.  I wouldn’t want to be her boyfriend in 15 years, haha!  She’s also going to be very spoiled being the only girl…come on, we all know as moms, we want that little girl, so we can dress them up, put bows in their hair and even if they will only wear that outfit once…we HAVE to have it for them, LOL!  I don’t have a little girl, but these are all things I think about if I did have one =)

Caitlin always makes her sessions a blast…I love photographing her <3  Here are some of my faves from her 1 year pics, Njoy!

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{Ella: 6 Months} Sacramento Baby Photographer

This little cutie pie is nothing short of FULL OF PERSONALITY!  Miss Ella is happy, smiley, very fun, expressive and just all around beautiful.  I have to caption a few photos below because they are just too cute and funny, haha.

So this is the 2nd time Ella has been to the TGP Studio.  Her first was for her debut newborn session last August.  I absolutely love capturing the growth and milestones these littles go thru.  It makes my heart full … I love being a photographer and love how all these moments put a smile on my face =)

Here are some of my faves from Ella’s 6 Month Session, Njoy!

This pic cracks me up!  She’s got her hand out and that mouth…I swear she’s saying…”look camera lady, I know I’m cute, but how about we take 5 here so I can get some water? what do’ya say?”

Sittin’ on a chair like a big girl!  And I feel like she’s leaning forward on her legs intently listening to a story or direction that mom is telling her, LOL!  SO CUTE!

I mean seriously.  It just doesn’t get cuter than this!

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{Cowan Family} Sacramento Family Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing a ton of beautiful family portraits and smaller family groupings for the Cowan Family recently!  It was a triple family session at William Land Park, comprised of mom/dad, 4 siblings and their families.  It’s hard to gather a family together like this because we all lead such busy lives and trying to coordinate schedules can be tough, but we made it happen for this gorgeous family and had a blast!

Here are some of my faves from their session, Njoy!

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{Doug & Carol: Expecting!} Sacramento Maternity Photographer

My sweet friend, Carol and her hubby, are expecting their first baby in just a few short weeks!  It’s a GIRL!!!  I can’t wait to meet this little bundle of love, give her snuggles and kisses and squeeze her little cheeks =)  This baby is going to be welcomed into the world with nothing less than amazing parents and an incredible loving family.  And look at how gorgeous these guys are?  Really?  Adorable baby alert…on the way!

I first met Carol because my dad referred her to me to photograph her engagement portraits back in 2009.  I honestly can’t believe it’s been almost 5 years since we met, already.  Then I actually flew out to Maui, my first destination wedding, in 2010 to photograph her B.E.A.Utiful wedding AND brought my family, it was our first time to Hawaii, so fun!  I’ve photographed some additional family portraits for Carol and Doug since then, but was waiting and waiting for the day their “love would grow” because I knew they would be awesome parents and I know they will truly enjoy what it is to BE a parent =)

So I pretty much started planning all her pictures in my mind the day she told me she was pregnant, haha!  First step…maternity portraits and wow how that time flew by!  Here are some of my faves from their maternity session, Njoy!

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{Introducing Adorable Lil’ Kamryn!} Sacramento Newborn Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing Katie and Chris’ Wedding in 2007 at the Palm Event Center in Pleasanton, CA.  When Katie brought her newest addition, Kamryn, in to the studio for her newborn portraits, she brought it to my attention that it was actually their 7 year anniversary that same day!  I hadn’t seen them since right after their Wedding, as they lived in Southern Cal for a while, but are now up near me here in the Sacramento Area, so it was totally awesome that we were able to connect thru Facebook a couple years ago and that 7 years later, to the date, I was capturing another milestone for them =)

So miss Kamryn has an older sister, Kara, who is just cute as a button and SUCH a patient little girl!  Poor Kamryn was not really digging falling asleep that day, so for the first hour or so, Kara was just waiting for her turn to take a pic with baby sis.  When the moment finally arose for her to take her pic, she was just the sweetest little thing and followed all of the directions given!!!

I so loved working with these girls, just as much as I loved working with their mommy and daddy 7 years ago <3<3  Here are some of my faves of the adorable lil’ Kamryn and her sweet sis, Kara, Njoy!

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