{AJ & Melissa: Expecting!} Sacramento Maternity Photographer

Melissa is adorable pregnant!  She has this little round belly that definitely doesn’t scream “I’m in my 3rd trimester!”….it’s so tiny!

I was excited to start working with AJ & Melissa, since we originally chatted out the picture plan in the coming months, back in  April.  Time flys and the day arrived for AJ & Melissa’s Maternity Portraits!  They chose a recreational park/trail area near them in Sacramento, which I’d never been to.  It was a great little spot, hidden amongst some trees, near the river.  Such a variety of scenery to utilize…trees, sand, water, boulders, tree trunks.  A fun new spot I can mark on my location list for sure!


And this last pic is something AJ wanted to have…Barefoot & Pregnant (in the kitchen).  So loved doing this in their very vintage kitchen!!!!!

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{Introducing Cooper & Sloan!} Sacramento Twin Newborn Photographer

Cooper and Sloan are gorgeous brother and sister twins that I had the pleasure of photographing recently!  Such cute, sweet babies and I had so much fun posing them and working with them.  I think I lucked out on this session too (if I am remembering correctly) and didn’t have any babies pee or poop on me, wahoo!  Haha!  However, that doesn’t mean they didn’t have a potty accident on any blankets.  But typically I’m in the line of fire while holding baby, posing baby or rocking baby, so I can finally say, I came out of this one clean!  LOL!  Good babies!

I don’t get the opportunity to photograph twins too often and oddly enough they were my second set of twins this year, but I shot another set of boy/girl twins after Cooper and Sloan (blog post to come in a few weeks).  Photographing newborns can be challenging, but it’s a good challenge, it’s a challenge very well worth the efforts to see such a gorgeous milestone captured of these sweet, sweet little angels.  And no matter how long a session takes, I love, love, love working with newborn babies <3

They are only this little once…


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MeganSeptember 10, 2014 - 8:19 am

Such precious babies! And I love their names! Beautiful images Tiffany!

{Makenna: 3 Months!} Rocklin Baby Photographer

Oh Makenna…where do I start?  You are just the cutest, sweetest little peanut!  I love your gigantic smiles and little coo’s and baby noises….so, so, so cute!

I can’t believe this little beauty is 3 months already!?  Where did that time go?  I remember the night she was born because Nicki and I rushed to Sutter Roseville at 12:30am to meet this little angel.  I’m a proud Auntie, to capture these big milestones Makenna will go thru and watch her grow.  And no doubt her mommy and daddy will not by lacking in the picture area, LOL!  They’re going to need to do some serious measuring on all the walls in their house in order to fit everything…I mean we could just wall paper the house in Makenna paper =)


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{Introducing Lil’ Jaxon!} Rocklin Newborn Photographer

I put a little call out on Facebook for two families with newborns to do a quick model shoot on my new Studio shooting wall and this adorable lil’ man was my first one!  I know that the name “Jackson” was super popular the year I had my son, whom we named “Jaxon”, but I have yet to come across any other little boy with the exact same spelling until now.  Typically even with an “x” in the name, which I HAVE come across, there is also an “s” that follows the “x”…so it would be spelled as this: Jaxson.  My dad even continues trying to spell my son’s name with the “s”, LOL!  So I thought it was pretty cool to find someone else who used the same spelling as we did =)

Now you would never know by these gorgeous pics of Jaxon, but he was wide awake, bright eyed and definitely fighting the sleepy time during his session, haha.  This happens on occasion and it just takes time to sooth baby to get them to sleep again.  But he resisted sleeping for quite some time, very content, just looking around, but definitely no sleepy sleepy…I think he wanted to enjoy the “model light”….his mommy & daddy might have a career path for him already =)

These were a few of my faves of this beautiful family!  Enjoy!

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{Donovan: 1 Year!} Lake Tahoe, Sand Harbor Photographer

This sweet family has been a regular on my blog =)  They contacted me about a year and a half ago to photograph their pregnancy and all the milestones of their first little one.  I have truly enjoyed getting to know them more and more over time and it’s obvious their sweetness has rubbed off on the little mister too!

Donovan is just like any other 1 year old with mobility.  CURIOUS!  LOL!  He likes to move around and check things out, but doesn’t lack in the modeling area with his great, very contagious smiles and happy nature.

Tom and Melissa thought it would be fun to shoot in Lake Tahoe as it’s a common destination for weekend getaways for them with it’s gorgeous scenery!  They chose Sand Harbor, which is on North Shore and although I’ve heard of it, seen pictures and driven by it several times, I had actually never been to or shot at Sand Harbor, so I was excited for the opportunity at a new location to play with!  There are so many beautiful spots to shoot there, everything is just beautiful.

So this was the second session of my day (first session was posted previous to this) and although it was a great day for weather in Tahoe, warm, bright, breathtaking…we experienced a very fast change of pace as we neared 6:30pm that evening.  All of the sudden in about 30 seconds, grey clouds started moving in, while we heard loud roars of thunder.  I looked at Tom and Melissa and said, lets get moving along here before we get down poured on, haha!  It was nuts!  The wind picked up speed, people fled the beaches and the warmth quickly turned to a bit of a chill.  But that didn’t stop us from working thru the fast weather change and we still captured some stunning portraits on the beach and with some awesome boulders that surround the sandy grounds there at Sand Harbor.  Just beautiful!

Here are a few of my faves from Mr. Donovan’s 1 Year milestone session!  Enjoy!

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Dee KeeSeptember 9, 2014 - 5:24 am

These pictures of the love in this family and the joy in Donovan are breathtaking.

MeganSeptember 9, 2014 - 3:10 am

This family is stunning!! Gorgeous light in these images, too!