{Mike & Amy: Tied the Knot!} Sacramento Wedding Photographer

Amy and I have known each other since about 2007.  I’m pretty sure I was pregnant when I met her…which seems crazy because Jax is already almost 7 years old and it doesn’t seem like I’ve lived in Rocklin for that long yet, but time flys when you’re having fun!  I remember photographing newborn portraits for Amy’s first son, Tyler and he’s 5 now, crazy!!!

Fast forward…Mike and Amy decided to tie the knot on Sept 4th, 2014.  These guys are my heroes!  They literally planned their wedding in 9 days and did an AMAZING job with everything, down to the details!  It was perfect, beautiful and went off so smooth.  They had their closest family and friends in attendance and as you’ll see by the pics, everyone had a blast celebrating with them in this milestone =)  I was thrilled to get the phone call and honored to be asked to photograph for them!  Thanks Amy & Mike for thinking of me!  I had such a great time capturing your beautiful ceremony and the after party.  So happy for you two and look forward to photographing your beautiful family for years to come <3

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{Dawson: 1 Year!} East Bay Family Photographer

I can’t get enough of Dawson’s sweet, angelic, very contagious smiles <3  He is such a sweetheart, just like his mommy & daddy!  I’m pretty sure it was just a few weeks ago I was photographing Dawson’s 7 month milestone, yet I blinked and it was actually 5 months ago.  He has grown and changed so much in that time and he is now looking like a toddler.

Of course the day of Dawson’s photo shoot, it was gorgeous, but the second we started his pics, the wind picked up (thank you west Dublin, haha!) and it began to get pretty chilly.  Dawson hung in there though and we did what we could to keep him distracted from the cold weather, in order for him to give us some of those gorgeous smiles!  Seriously though…can’t get enough of this adorable face <3 <3 <3 Enjoy!

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{Robinson Family} Rocklin Family Photographer

I met up with the Robinsons at Clover Valley Park in Rocklin.  What a cute little park area this is.  I hadn’t been there in probably 6 years and it’s literally 10 minutes from my house, haha.  It’s become one of my favorite little spots now, with it’s greenery, rock bridge and grassy areas, such a quaint little place and perfect for the Robinson family portraits!
Now, little Leah, she is a shy, but sweet little thing.  I was patient and gave her some time to warm up.  We talked about the “pretty pink rock” that princesses sit on, the acorns that the squirrels eat, collecting acorns, checking out the leaves, looking under the bridge at the water….you name it and although it took a while, she did finally interact with me and cracked some big smiles in the midst of it all =)
So glad to have met and worked with this very sweet family!  I’m looking forward to photographing sweet little Leah again soon!

{Kane: 1 Year} Sacramento Child Photographer

Come on, you know your heart skipped a beat when you pulled this post up and saw the first pic….it did for me because this little guy steals my heart every time, with all his cuteness….oh and we can’t forget the curly hair, that steals my heart too!  LOL!  Mr. Kane, aka, Sugar Kane, cause he’s sweet as sugar…yes he is!  Well, Mr. Kane turned one year old recently and when his momma contacted me a few months back with some ideas for his session, I was SUPER excited!  First of all, I LOVE superman, so of course I loved the idea of “Super Shoogy” (as  he is also called, haha, yes, many adorable nicknames!) anyway, I loved the idea of “Super Shoogy” playing “Superman”!  It was meant to be.

Melissa and I worked together to create these adorable setups in the studio, down to the details.  We spent many hours emailing back and forth, sending links and pictures … all so that we could get this session and get these themed photos, JUST RIGHT!  I think we done-good!

I was sooooooo happy with Kane’s 1 year session.  It got me thinking outside the box and coming up with some new prop items, backdrops, etc.  I love CREATING.  Being creative and using the “artsy” side of my type A brain, allows me to let loose a little.  So, thank you Melissa, for the fun project of putting together these amazing setups with you, for your sweet boy.  It was so much fun!  I hope you all, SUPER enjoy, this blog post of SUPER SHOOGY!

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{Gomes Family} Sacramento Family Photographer

A year and a half ago, I photographed little AJ’s newborn portraits and it’s hard to believe so much time has passed already!  I met up with the Gomes family in Old Sacramento (yay!) to capture some updated family portraits, as well as a few of the kiddos.  AJ obviously looked super different to me since he went from being newborn to being over a year old, haha.  Jackson, his big brother, looked the same but definitely more like “a little boy” rather than “a toddler”…*sigh*… that stage where they begin to get older, act older, look older….makes ME feel older, LOL!

Jackson and AJ are definitely your typical boys….they loved hearing the sounds of the choo choo train passing by, the airplanes over head and would look to where the sound was coming from, pointing =)  Just. The. Cutest!

There is something about little boys and trains/train tracks that I’ve always LOVED!  I photographed my son, Jaxon (gotta love the name!) at the very same spot in Old Sacramento, when he was exactly 18 months and they are some of my all time favorite pics of him <3 <3 <3  So I’m really glad I was able to capture a few shots of the boys on the train tracks next to the Railroad Museum in Old Sac, a very fun location for pics and perfectly suited for little boys!  

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