{Chase: 1 Year} Sacramento Family Photographer

You’d never guess by seeing these pictures, but Chase was very mobile, crawling all over the place during his session.  He was smiley, yet curious of everything around him, which distracted him from….well, ME!  LOL!  Lets just say Scott & Nikki got their workout in during Chase’s 1 Year Portrait Session =)

But none the less, Chase is a total cutie pie with his soft blonde hair and bright blue eyes *sigh*….. He looked incredibly adorable sporting one of my newest prop items, a newsboy cap and matching bow tie!  The first setup we attempted with Chase was having him hold letters that spelled “ONE”.  This can be challenging at times because they either love the letters and fling them all around, doing silly things with the letters OR they get bored with the letters after about 5 seconds and they literally chuck them 3 feet away, haha!  Chase was the latter of the two options, BUT, in all our hard work and being fast & efficient, between Nikki, Scott and I, we got it done!  I love doing the letters for one year because it’s fun to have a few different facial expressions or poses with each letter and Chase gave us exactly that, so I’m a happy girl =)

Here are some of my faves of this handsome young man, Njoy!

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{Brandon: 1 Year} Bay Area Photographer

This kid is full of cuteness … and energy!  He loves smiling, clapping, walking, moving….and THAT is a pretty typical 1 year session.  There’s no time to think about a shot, I just have to shoot, shoot, shoot because this stage means the child is constantly on the go.  Even if they aren’t walking quite yet, they are crawling at super speed, haha.

Brandon turned one year old in June and he definitely seems to be loving every minute of it … keeping Trevor and Rhea busy!  Little does Brandon know, but soon he will become a big brother, as Trevor and Rhea welcome their 2nd baby boy into the family this Fall =)  Can’t wait to meet their new little guy and before we know it, I’ll be writing a post about HIS 1 year portraits, ha.  But in the meantime, lets enjoy Brandon’s full of life personality in his 1 year milestone portraits <3

It’s been so much fun documenting Trevor and Rhea’s journey, starting with their engagement a few years ago and I am so excited to continuing this journey with baby number two!

Here are some of my faves of smiley Brandon, Njoy!

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{Elizabeth: 6 Months} Sacramento Baby Photographer

I’m in awe by this little angels full head of hair, it’s soooo cute!  It didn’t surprise me though because when I met Elizabeth for the first time, at her newborn session, she had a full head of gorgeous brown hair to begin with =)  Always hard to believe when 6 months have passed by….

Elizabeth does not fall short in the smile area…she is definitely a happy baby girl and was such a doll for her 6 month milestone session!

Here are some of my faves of this sweet and adorable baby girl, Njoy!

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{Gianna: 1 Year} Sacramento Child Photographer

Us moms (& photographers) do a lot of detailed planning for these portrait sessions.  It’s a whole new world for our babies to experience.  I mean, no doubt, that has to be a lot for a baby to deal with, being a gorgeous model and all these people catering to you, dressing you in adorable little outfits and trying to get everything perfect =)  And then we stand back and say “smile!”  LOL!

When I have a plan and a vision, I’m determined to execute it fully!  Monica knows my drill by now.  She stopped me in the middle of one section of images and said “now Tiffany, I know you’re a perfectionist, but I’m sure whatever you got I will like, haha” because she knows that I can’t just settle for anything, I strive to capture those perfect pictures that express personality <3

So Gianna was completely content during her session, but I have to admit, she was a tough one to crack, haha.  We got thru the family portraits and moved on to a gorgeous, yet simple, vintage setup outdoors that I was super excited to shoot!  We put Gianna in an adorable vintage sunsuit with matching accessories and props.  Gianna just looked at us like “why am I in this outfit, why is there a flower on my head and why am I sitting on a suitcase??  Why is everyone staring at me?”  LOL!  But there is almost ALWAYS a breaking point.  A point to which we find the key that unlocks a rainbow of smiles and that, unfortunately for Monica, haha, was her singing a song to Gianna, not once, not twice, but I’m guessing at least 20 times.  Oh, but it worked and THATS when Gianna began smiling and dancing!

I don’t mind the challenge.  Easy isn’t fun and being goofy to entertain these littles is what we live for!  And I have to say, I think a lot of times, parents are surprised when they see the finished gallery, after all the work that goes into getting these kiddos to smile, LOL!  But I just keeping moving along during the session and let them be surprised, cause I’m a little sneaky like that =)

Njoy my faves from Gianna’s 1 Year Portrait Session <3

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Serina CoppolaCordovaJuly 12, 2014 - 5:37 pm

Would love to order a 5×7 picture of my little cousin Gianna. Ask monica for permission but I’m sure she’ll say yes :)


{Nothstine Family} Roseville Family Photographer

I’ve talked about how much I love what I do, but have I ever mentioned how lucky I am that in my field of work I meet tons of amazing people….and that I’ve made GREAT friends over all my years in business?!  Friends that I love chatting with, friends that I scrapbook with, friends that have been super supportive in my journey as a photographer, as well as in my personal life, friends that have children my sons age and we schedule play dates….I’m grateful for ALL my family and friends, including meeting and connecting with new friends along my venture as a photographer.  It makes my job just that much cooler!!!

I started photographing for Karla 5+ years ago when she was pregnant with her first baby, Klaire.  I’ve captured both of her children growing, her wedding, family portraits, the list goes on.  But Karla became a friend instantaneous because we both hit it off.  We have a lot of the same personality, energy and drive, so we both totally understood the little things like late work nights and emails at 1am, LOL!  She would reply right back, haha.  She has opened her home/family to ours and vice versa, offered help with Jax so Jeff and I could have date nights and our kids love playing together!  It has been a pleasure and honor capturing her life’s milestones and knowing I was a part of some of the most precious moments <3

Here are some of my faves from her recent family session, Njoy!

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