{Kallie: 2 Years} Rocklin Photographer

I am so so so excited to share a blog post on this session!  When Kris told me she wanted Kallie’s next session to be Alice in Wonderland: Tea Party themed, I went straight online and started pulling pictures to get ideas on how I wanted to set this up.  I googled pics of other Alice inspired sessions and was blown away by all the creative ideas that had been accomplished, both for children AND Adults!  It was truly overwhelming at first, but after studying the images for a while and sort of picking out the type of scene I wanted to portray, I set off to my favorite local thrift/consignment shop, Truly Random, in Loomis, to do some shopping!

Kris and I combined our input and while I was shopping for the decor and stylized theme items, she was ordering an Alice inspired dress & headband and picking up a few other perfect additions for this setup.  I was sure to capture all the details before beginning the session itself.  With all the hard work we put in together, it had to be documented!  LOL!

This was the 3rd themed session I’ve put together for little miss Kallie and she has rocked them all!  I can’t wait to see what Kris has in mind for Kallie’s next session in May =)  Meantime, enjoy this wonderfully fun and adorable Alice in Wonderland: Tea Party, inspired Session!

After the Alice pics were done, I photographed sweet Kallie in a special Daddy and Me: Tea Party setup, where modified the decor some, to simplify it and keep the focus on Daddy and daughter.  It was so gorgeous and sweet <3

If you are interested in scheduling an Alice in Wonderland or Snow White Inspired Mini Session Day, let me know and I would love to set it up for you and your friends …. You’ll all have access to special Mini Session pricing and YOU (the host) can earn FREE prints while you’re at it!

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MeganJanuary 17, 2015 - 4:59 am

Such a wonderful idea, just lovely! And she is an absolute doll!

{Makenna: 6 Months} Rocklin Family Photographer

Oh sweet Makenna…you’re getting so big!  And as I’m writing this, you are now close to 8 1/2 months old (since I’m so far behind on my blogging, yikes!) and you’ve already began crawling and pulling yourself up to standing position.  So big, so big.  It was 10 months ago that my friend, Nicki, and I were hosting a baby shower for Carol, when Makenna was still cookin’.  How do these days and months wiz by us?

Makenna did fabulous for her 6 month debut.  She was a pro by that point, seeing as how she’s already had 3 professional portrait sessions to that point, 6 month milestone being her 4th!  She gave all kinds of big, happy smiles, reflecting the happy baby that she always is =)  I just love my friends babies….oh and I love my friends too, hehe!

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{Phillips Kids} Rocklin Family Photographer

These kids!!!!!!  I can’t stand how stinking cute they are…all of them!  So I had a fun idea for my friend, Courtney, to setup this specific shot in the Studio.  A little holiday pic for the twinsies and Courtney’s older son, Jackson, for their Holiday Cards.  She ordered these adorable hats on Etsy and I went hunting at the Antique Trove for a sled.  I’d say this pic came together perfectly for us!  Love it!!!!

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{Davis Family} Loomis Family Photographer

Jeannine is the sister to one of my friends/clients, whom recently got hitched!  Amy…..Mike and Amy were married back in September.  They planned their wedding in about 9 days and I tell you, it was perfect and beautiful!  Check it out here <—–

I’ve known Amy, Jeannine and their families for several years now as I photographed a larger family portrait for them a few years ago.  It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago, but when I see how big all the kids in this family have gotten, it’s brings a reality check, haha!

So Jeannine and John have a son, Jack.  I remember him being just a little guy at the last session, maybe 3-4 years old or so.  Can’t believe how big he has gotten and what handsome little man at that!!!  Jeannine asked about doing a quick Mini Session for the holidays and since I was testing out Mini’s during the latter part of 2014, it was yet another great opportunity for me.  The session went fabulously, on a gorgeous day in November.  We photographed on Jeannine’s family’s property in Loomis….so many amazing spots to photograph there!  Couldn’t have asked for it to be better in any way =)

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{Robinson Family} Rocklin Photographer

Meet the Robinsons.  Not the movie, haha, seriously, meet the Robinsons, David, Emily & Leah!  But I do love that movie, it’s one of my absolute faves!!!  This Robinson family doesn’t come from the future, they come from right here in Rocklin, present day =)  You might recognize them from a previous outdoor session I did a few months prior!  This time, they came into the studio for a little family mini session and to have leah photographed in her gorgeous Elsa Gown, made by grandma.  We had some fun with the session to break up the traditional studio style portraits and Leah seemed to be enjoying her moments in the spot light =)

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